Strider Balance Bikes: Review of The Pro & Classic Models

Strider Balance Bikes come from the US company of the same name that do nothing but produce bikes and accessories for children.  By developing an entire line of Strider bikes, from balance bikes to mountain bikes, Strider is committed to encouraging children to be active and get started in cycling.

All of the Strider balance bikes help teach balance, are fun to ride, let children of any ability start biking and can be used on anything from the street to the trail.

According to the manufacturer, Strider balance bikes are the lightest in the industry making it much easier to learn those crucial balancing skills, all while staying upright and safe.

The Strider Pro Balance Bike

¬†one of the strider balance bikesThe Strider Pro is the signature balance bike for Strider Sports International.¬† The extremely lightweight aluminium frame is, they claim, the lightest of any balance bike currently being made.¬† It’s designed for children from as young as 18 months to as old as 5 years to be able to use.

Because there is such a discrepancy in ages, the Strider Pro has many adjustable features like the seat and handlebars that can be resized as your child becomes bigger.  Consequently, you won’t need to shell out more cash for a larger bike and can instead, let your child grow into the Strider Pro until they are ready to use a bike with pedals and brakes.

As your child becomes better at balancing, the Strider Pro has two built in footrests that can be used.  The Strider Pro has unique Puncture-Proof EVA Polymer tires that not only eliminate getting flats, but also are half the weight of a typical bike child’s bike tire.  Because it is a relatively new bike, reviews of the Strider Pro have been difficult to find; however, the early results are positive.

The lightweight frame is a big hit with parents who are concerned with safety and whether or not their child can easily move the bike if needed. .

Strider Classic: For Balance Biking on a Budget

Strider classic balance bikeStrider make three balance bikes for the under 5s: the Strider Pro, the Strider Sport and the Strider Classic.  This lets them focus on quality over quantity when manufacturing the Strider balance bikes.

The classic is the stripped down version, still sporting all of the safety features and reliability of the more expensive Sport and Pro models, but just without a few of the improvements, such as better grips, saddles, etc.


It’s actually possible to get the classic and upgrade it, though. The Strider Classic has the same rear brake mount as it’s bigger brothers, for example, so you can buy a brake kit separately in the future, once your kids are confident and hitting higher speeds.

This is pretty attractive for any parent that’s watched with pride as their child gains confidence only for that pride to change to terror as they fly down the street at high speed.

If you want to have a look for more details on the range, have a look at the Strider Bikes website for more information.

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