Bianchi Mountain Bikes: New 29ers hit the market

An old-school Bianchi in the traditional colours

An old-school Bianchi in the traditional colours

I’ve just been reading about some new 29er mountain bikes on their way to market. They’re produced by the road biking giant, Bianchi, and it still seems a little strange to me to see their name on a bike from our far more manly discipline. That’s a bit stupid obviously, since they’ve been producing mountain bikes for over two decades, but I’ve been conditioned to associate Bianchi with tarmac chasers thanks to an old friend who has far too much liking for lycra and aquamarine coloured bikes…

I have to admit they look pretty sexy though, defying the company’s skinny tube, lycra-clad heritage. Bianchi have been experimenting with 29ers for about 4 years now and this new range of carbon steeds look to be the best yet, as you’d expect, full of performance enhancing features and weight saving ideas.

If you like fast rolling, ultra light machines between your legs – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – then have a look a bike radar’s far more comprehensive coverage of the bikes and exactly what they have to offer. Check the article out here:

I’m tempted to have a go with a 29er, just to see what all the fuss is about, but then I’ve said that with every type of bike going at some point or another. If you’re a 29er lover or hater, drop me a comment either way below and let me know why. I’m interested to hear!

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  1. Never had the pleasure of riding a 29er but being 6’5 I think I should seriously look into getting out there on one.

    Would be good to hear some more views from other readers.

    Oh, by the way I think you have a great blog here, only just found you guys but I will be sure to keep updated in future.

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