Mountain Bikes Abroad – Trails in North America

I’m currently thinking about where to head off on my holidays this year and I’m wondering exactly how much trouble I’ll get in if I suggest to my girlfriend that a bike-bag might be accompanying us abroad.

I’ve never really thought about organising a proper mountain bike trip to foreign climes before, mainly because there’s still plenty of great trails I’ve never ridden in Scotland, not to mention the UK, but I’ve come across a few videos recently that might be changing my mind. The first one was at Whistler, and the amazing bike park they’ve built over there for the summer months. I thought some of the trails there look amazing but it’s just a bit steep to get to Canada from here.

A more realistic option, however, is the alps, and in particular this trail I found at Morzine – The Avalanche Downhill. I know we’ve got stuff just as good over here in the UK, and in Scotland in particular, but it’s be pretty sweet to go over and spend a few days riding in the alps when there’s trails like this to ride. Check out the video below and leave me a comment if you’ve got a better suggestion for my impending holidays!


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