Last minute biking trip preparations – every time…

I’m off on my coast to coast trek tomorrow – east coast of Scotland to the west. It’s currently nearly 1am and, as I take a rest from preparing , I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of getting things done when there’s still plenty of time…

Also, I should offer apologies to any regular readers for the pretty erratic updates over the last few weeks – I’ve been crazily busy what with enduring interviews, attending weddings and birthday’s, changing jobs and getting ready for this trip. I’m afraid there’ll be another week of it as I’m off tomorrow until Sunday, but at least this time it’s biking related and I’ll get something pretty cool to write about at the end of it all.

As for the preparations, I’m riding the Giant XTC Zero that I mentioned previously so I’m getting it fixed and set up for my riding position as well as fitting my own tyres. I’m currently typing while nursing skint knuckles thanks to some stupidly tight UST tyres which required lever-snapping forces to remove. The beasts are off now though and I’ve fitted the new ones so I’m just waiting to see if the new ones deflate thanks to the inevitable tyre-lever puncture which I probably inflicted during my grunting and groaning getting the old ones off. I put the same tyres on a normal Mavic wheelset last week without a tyre level in sight, shows you how much more tightly fitting UST wheelsets are…

Anyway, it’s too late for any more, off early tomorrow up to Kyle of Lochalsh to begin the Coast to Coast and I can’t wait. I’ll be putting a proper report up here over the next couple of weeks with some good maps and tips of the whole route. I haven’t seen a detailed free guide to it so far so hopefully I can help out anyone else planning the trip.

Signing off for now, I’ll talk to you next week!

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