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LIKEaBIKE is a division of CycleSense, one of the UK’s largest bike distributors and manufacturers.  LIKEaBIKE specializes in making balance bikes and bicycle accessories for young children.

LIKEaBIKE Forest: a balance bike that ticks the boxes

a LIKEaBIKE forest

The Forest is an award winning wooden balance bike.  The LIKEaBIKE Forest was awarded the German “Spiel Gut” or good play award.  This award means that not only was the balance bike tested by the manufacturer, but also it was played with by children before being offered for sale.

Safety is a priority of the Forest with this balance bike having heavy duty rubber hand grips for maximum control and a low center of gravity to improve stability.In order to determine a winner of this category, the judges considered the durability, safety, design, quality, workmanship and many other attributes.  The Forest is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old; however, because it has a four-way adjustable seat it could be used for an older or younger child too.

Reviews by parents who have children who used the Forest give it high marks in virtually every rating category.  The only concern with the bike is that it is slightly more expensive than comparable wood balance bikes.

LIKEaBIKE Balance Bikes: The best of the rest 

 LIKEaBIKE Spoky Mini: 

The baby brother of the LIKEaBIKE Spoky, this balance bike is just slightly smaller.  Because it has a sloping frame pointing downwards, it is much easier for a smaller child to get on and off the bike.  Safety features of the Spoky Mini include an anti jack-knifing steering system and large tires for extra stability and control.  Includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Ideal for either a very young toddler or for playing indoors, the ROCKaBIKE is a balance bike that is

a likeabike rockabike

built on a stand that rocks forward and back.  Although the person on the ROCKaBIKE will not get the benefit of learning to

balance while coasting, the ROCKaBIKE does help teach stability and control.  Made from high quality birch wood, the ROCKaBIKE is built to last.

LIKEtoBIKE 2.0: 

Built for the child who is ready to graduate to pedals, the LIKEtoBIKE 2.0 features all the same components and functions of an adult bicycle in a smaller and easier to use package.  Once a child has gotten used to a balance bike, they can graduate to the 2.0 and learn to ride with pedals, brakes and more advanced steering.  Parts like the chain and pedals are easy to repair if something breaks and intuitive so that the child can learn how to fix it themselves.


The LIKEaBIKE Jumper is an excellent balance bike because it puts safety first.  The optional front brakes give children more control and the ability to stop in an emergency situation.  Furthermore, kids won’t be able to spin out of control because the Jumper has a steering limiter that prevents the wheel from being spun in a circle.

With only their feet needed to provide momentum, kids will be learning to balance while honing their steering skills riding the Jumper before moving to a larger bike.  As the kids become used to riding the bike, the Jumper has built in foot rests that will aid in fun and improve balance. A LIKEaBIKE Jumper The aluminum frame helps to keep the weight down and makes it easier for kids to become accustomed to riding a two wheeled bike.

Unlike many other balance bikes, the Jumper is available in eight colours making it likely that at least one design will appeal to your child.


a liketobike 20

The LIKEtoBIKE 16 is the next model up from the Jumper and has a larger frame with pedals and a kickstand.  Because kids will have already learned how to balance with the jumper, they can hop onto this bike and will be ready to change speeds, brake and steer.  Slightly pricey for a first bike at £299.


Similar to the Jumper, the Mini is a balance bike that is made from gorgeous and resilient varnished birch Marine Plywood.  Because of its durable frame, the Mini a LIKEaBIKE miniis a great starter balance bike because no amount of falls on ground or hard pavement is going to leave it damaged.


Pretty much the same bike as the Jumper.  The only major difference is that the Hardy is slightly smaller and sits lower to the ground.

To find out more about LIKEaBIKE go to LIKEaBIKE.

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