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The Atherton Project

The newest Atherton Project video isn’t long out, and is as jelousy inducing as each before!

I’m a big fan of the Athertons – the first time I saw Gee in the flesh was at the Ae forest UCI event where he narrowly beat his bro, Dan to take the trophy. The gap between Dan and the next man was a league apart from that between 1st and 2nd, hinting at their future potential. Of course, Rachael won that day too, and by an even bigger margin than her brothers. I remember looking at the final times and noticing that if she’d raced in the Elite men’s final she’d have come about 4th or 5th – not bad for a girl 😉

The newest Atherton project video shows the mountain biking siblings living it up in the pre-season, hanging from an elastic band and riding a rubber tube in Queenstown, New Zealand. Of course, there was a bit of training in there too, but that wasn’t too evident in the video. I suppose downhilling is training to these guys, but doesn’t make me feel any less jealous – that’s work?! If only I had head out to New Zealand every October to do a bit of work, just because a bit of the white stuff fell. There was even a spot of scooter racing – I’ve never seen a scooter on a BMX track before.

Anyway, worth checking the video out – have a look at The Atherton Project if you want to feel green.



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